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Integrated Hospitality Solutions is based in London close to Heathrow airport. Its main core business is staffing,recruiting and placements.

Whether you want a fresh perspective or your current vendor is giving you the run around with bad candidates, IHS is ready to handle your staffing needs doesn’t matter small or big OR temp or permanent.

The IHS methodology is about creating a completely transparent relationship between our team and yours. We want to know more than what is on a job description – we want to know your company history and future, including good and bad hires.

By combining temporary and contract search with our permanent search practice, IHS creates a rare funnel of candidates to present for your job openings.

Our method is to meet face-to-face with more candidates than you, our client, could ever meet on your own. By creating a search strategy based on an initial kick-off meeting with you, IHS combines a retained search process with the quickness and efficiency of contingency search. On the contract and temporary positions,IHS speed and quality is unmatched.

Utilizing a unique 4Tier Interview Process, we have eliminated the major pothole facing our competitors: candidate ownership. IHS acts as a career consultant to our candidate base, and by being in a team environment where multiple recruiters meet and manage a candidate relationship, our candidates can feel how invested we are in their success. Mirroring a corporate interview, our teams of recruiters divide up the interview objectives to
ensure we know each candidate’s entire story.

The final phase of the hiring methodology is evaluating skills, checking references and managing data. Data is the key to being able to advise our clients on what the market tells us about compensation, average tenure, titles and organizational structure. Combining data with the knowledge that the hard skills check out and references are in place allows IHS to make the right placements for you.